What is ducting hose and how to choose the right flexible duct ventilation hoses?


Ecoosi industrial co.,ltd. providing flexible ducting hoses and solutions to the industrial, medical, automotive, vacuum cleaner and home appliance, manufacturing, and agricultural industries.

How to choose the right high temperature resistant air duct hoses for your engineering plastic auxiliary dryers?


Ecoosi high temperature double layer silicone duct hose is ideal for supporting various engineering plastic auxiliary machine media transmission systems

Why Ecoosi flexible PU woodworking dust collection hose is ideal used for woodworking processing and CNC machining centers?


Ecoosi flexible PU woodworking dust collection hose that can withstand the harsh conditions of the wood industry.

What is flexible industrial air duct hoses?


Flexible industrial air duct hose, as the name implies, is a hose that can be flexibly stretched and bent. It can be compressed or stretched.

Different colors are available in Ecoosi flexible silicone 2 Ply air brake ducting hose, such as red, orange, blue, black.


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