• Fabric Duct Hose
Name:Fabric Duct Hose
Hose materials:PVC fabric coated with PVC
Helix:Steel wire
Features:Flame retardant
Features:Tearing resistance
Features:High tensile strength
Features:Light weight
Features:Highly flexible and compressible up to 10:1
Features:Very cost effective
Features:Retractability allows for convenient storage and easy transport in a fraction of its fully extended length
Temperature range:–20℃ to +120℃
Standard length:10 meters
Applications:Aerospace, Air Duct Cleaning, A/C Ventilation, Blower Hose, Cold Air Supply, Confined Space Ventilation, Fans and Blowers, Flame Retardant, Function Tent HVAC, HEPA, HVAC, Laser Engraving, Ventilation, Wave Pool Blowers

Product Description

Ecoosi flexible ducting hose - PVC fabric air duct hose is a flexible lightweight hose produced from durable coated polyester fabric. This PVC fabric air duct hose can be used in a variety of industrial air movement and blower applications. Each PVC fabric air duct hose has been reinforced with a spring steel wire helix for added strength and flexibility. This flexible fabric air duct hose have many benefits such as low cost, lightweight and easy installation, a uniform distribution of air, and a wide spectrum of available colors and sizes. The lightweight nature of fabric textile duct hose provides the flexible duct hose with these benefits and makes them ideal for a wide variety of air transfer applications. Though fabric hvac duct hose can be utilized in a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications, one of its most popular uses is in ventilation. The airing out of interior spaces is a critically important part of many workplaces and homes; our modern society would most likely not be able to function in our urban environments without extended networks of HVAC and ventilation commercial air duct hose. 

Ecoosi's PVC Fabric Air Ducting Hose is in 10 meters lengths, but its can be compressed down to as little as 1 meter. This advantages makes storage and transportation easier and more convenient. The fabric air transfer flex duct hose is made in a wide range of internal diameter sizes from 51 mm to 400 mm. This fabric air flex ducting hose has a working temperature range from -20 to + 120 degrees Celsius. This fabric fume exhaust duct hose can be available with different color choices to meet the needs of your applications. We offer a wide range of colors to meet the specific needs of many applications, such as black, white, grey, blue.

PVC coated polyester fabric air duct hose is one of the most commonly implemented types of flexible duct hose on the market today. The coating of PVC makes the air ventilation hose more durable and adds flex fatigue strength allowing the hose to flex continuously without damage. Ecoosi PVC coated fabric flexible duct air hose have many different sizes. This variety in size means that, no matter what your situation, we are almost sure to have the right type of PVC flex duct hose in stock for you. Additionally, the temperature resistance of this kind of flexible duct hose is nothing to sneeze at either. Never worry about this PVC ventilation duct hos becoming damaged when used outside or in cramped, stuffy conditions. 

Ecoosi lightweight flexible tarpaulin ducting hose also provides the added benefits of flexibility and compressibility. Because of the flexible nature of the lightweight fabric, our fabric air duct hose product can be turned and maneuvered without causing a kink in the ducting and maintains an excellent air flow. For this reason this PVC flex duct hose exhibit great flex fatigue. The lightweight construction of the ventilation hose also allows the ducting to be extremely compressible. Our PVC fabric ducting hose feature up to a ten to one compression ratio, which results in easy storage and transportation. The compressibility of the fabric allows you to install a fabric duct hose that can be taken down and moved as required to meet the needs of your air and fume applications.

Ecoosi's PVC Fabric Air Ducting Hose is designed for volume air movement in indoor or outdoor applications. This PVC Fabric Air Ducting lightweight hose is ideal for general air ventilation, mobile chillers, welding gas extraction, air conditioning and ventilation of fumes, light duty dust extraction, and air movement, and light dust movement applications. 




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